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Reaching the Unreached

26. April 2013 04:32
by don

Kingdom of God

26. April 2013 04:32 by don | 2 Comments

Think of the Bible as a puzzle.  Each piece of the puzzle has a message in it.  But without the whole puzzle put together it doesn't make sense.  Unless we can see the puzzle completely put together we are just focusing on certain parts.  When the bible is put together, the central message is the Kingdom of God.  When we look at pieces individually we can easily get into bad teaching.  The Holy Spirit, gifts, prophesy, love, God, second coming, and much more can become an end in them self.  This is dangerous.  We must see the puzzle pieces all together to see the complete picture.  The complete picture from the Old Testament prophesies to the end of revelation is Jesus has come to re establish His Kingdom.