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Reaching the Unreached

28. December 2013 13:12
by don

The Kingdom of God and repentance

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  The gospel of the Kingdom begins with this: “Repent! for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”  It presents the KINGDOMnot forgiveness, not reconciliation, not salvation, not cleansing, not eternal life as the object of repentance.  Why should we repent?  Not merely to obtain mercy, not merely to obtain pardon, not merely to obtain acceptance, not merely to obtain reconciliation, not merely to obtain life.  We should repent because there is a heavenly Kingdom that requires our repentance. The Kingdom is coming and repentance is the first priority in order to become a partaker in it.  We may be satisfied, as most Christians are, to have obtained grace, and pardon and life; but the Kingdom demands more than that.  The word of the Kingdom comes to us saying, “You must repent!”  We must come to a complete understanding of the word, 'repent', in order to enter the Kingdom of God.  'Repent', simply means in the original greek form, 'to change your mind'.  We must change our minds from the culture we were raised in, to the culture of the Kingdom of God.  They are not the same.  We must think from the throne.  Our mindset must be set on God's way of doing things not the ways of the kingdoms of this world.  Our thinking must change in order for us to understand and live in the Kingdom of God.  










16. December 2013 17:41
by don

Taking the Kingdom by force

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 Never forget beloved, that it is possible to enter and possess the Kingdom of God while we live upon this earth right now.  To possess the Kingdom within ourselves is going to take a mighty effort.  The spirit of this world, the spirit of your own natural mind, resists you.  The Greek word that is used for “presseth into it” is a strong word.  It is the word that is used for storming a city and forcing an entry.  It could be translated, “Everyone forces his way into it.”  One writer, commenting on this verse, said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is not for the well-meaning but for the desperate.” In a violent sense we must fight our way through every adversary and possess the land of Christ within our world.  In this way we take the Kingdom of God by force violently.  Possessing the Kingdom is no Sunday School picnic.  It means resistance, opposition, contention, struggle, confrontation, engagement,  assault, attack, conflict, fighting, battle WARFARE!  I can assure you, precious friend of mine, no one ever drifted into the Kingdom, no one ever stumbled into the Kingdom, and no one ever possessed the Kingdom by accident or unawares.  To possess the Kingdom is something that demands effort and which takes everything of mind and heart and spirit that a man can muster.  To possess the Kingdom requires a victory and a triumph and a conquest.  We must struggle and battle our way in, just as the Allies did in Europe in the second World War.  All this is very difficult, and the natural thing to say is that we can never do that by ourselves.  Nor can we! But the King who leads the battle is right within us to enable us to do the things which by ourselves we could never have done.