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20. January 2014 16:16
by don

Old Testament origins of the Kingdom of God

20. January 2014 16:16 by don | 1 Comments

Old Testament Origins of the Kingdom

The Kingdom was neither a new concept nor a new term to the Jews of our Lord's day. Not only the coming but also the triumphs of the Messiah were clearly foretold by Scripture.1 Jeremiah 23:5, for example, had declared,

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.

This Kingdom was seen as a coming with the Messiah of an age of true religion and universal peace and prosperity as the blessing of God spread with His dominion. Devout Jews are seen in the Gospels as anticipating this Kingdom. Most specifically we are told that Joseph "waited for the kingdom of God."2  ( Luke 23:50-51; regarding the expectations of Zacharias, Simeon, and Anna see Luke 1:67-79 and 2:25-38.)

 Most Jews, including the apostles, envisioned a political, Jewish kingdom as the context for all the blessings prophesied. The Messiah would be the literal king of a Jewish state, institute religious reforms, usher in blessing and restoration, stand as a defender of Israel from foreign domination, and then eventually extend His dominion over the whole earth.

The association of the Messiah with a Kingdom was also an expectation of the Jews. Daniel declared that the God of heaven would set up a Kingdom that would never be destroyed and that it would be that of the Son of man who would come with clouds of heaven and would exercise an "everlasting dominion."3   Dan. 2:44, 7:13-14

15. January 2014 19:31
by don

A new mind

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Then what is repentance?  May the blessed Spirit of Truth help me, while I try to make a point.  METANOIA, the Greek word translated in the King James Version of the Bible as “repentance”, in its plainest and most literal meaning signifies A CHANGE OF MIND.  Yet that in itself can miss the mark.  A better rendering would be TO TAKE ANOTHER MIND. 

A man may change in the conceptions of his mind, thus bringing himself to another viewpoint, but with the possibility of being just as mistaken in his new opinion as he was in his former.  But to TAKE ANOTHER MIND brings into being A NEW CREATURE, one who cannot revert back to the old viewpoint or adopt another faulty reasoning out of the limited powers of the old mind.  So let us see that repentance has to do with the TAKING OF ANOTHER MIND, never before possessed.  There is to be no mixing of the old leaven with the new bread.  This is extremely important if we are to have any understanding at all of God’s workings in this, our day.


Our minds need to become new to understand and to enjoy the Kingdom of God.  Jesus said, ‘Repent, the kingdom of God is here’.  The Kingdom of God is introduced with the understanding of a new mind.