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Reaching the Unreached

21. February 2014 15:19
by don

Gordon Fee

21. February 2014 15:19 by don | 0 Comments

Gordon Fee, one of the wisest of evangelical New Testament scholars, once said in a lecture on Jesus:

“You cannot know anything about Jesus,anything, if you miss the kingdom of God . . . . You are zero on Jesus if you don’t understand this term. I’m sorry to say it that strongly, but this is the great failure of evangelical Christianity. We have had Jesus without the kingdom of God, and therefore have literally done Jesus in.”

11. February 2014 14:24
by don

Our God Reigns

11. February 2014 14:24 by don | 0 Comments

The Very Specific Sense of "Your God Reigns"

Let's take time to look at one other Old Testament text that helps us understand the phrase "gospel of the kingdom," namely, Isaiah 52:7. We take one of our favorite songs from this verse. It looks forward to the time when God would bare his holy arm before the eyes of the nations and all the ends of the earth would see the salvation of our God (Isaiah 52:10). Verse 7 says (listen for the connection between gospel and kingdom): "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings [gospel!], who publishes peace, who bring good tidings [gospel!] of good, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion [now the content of the gospel], 'Your God reigns.'" 

The gospel message that John the Baptist came to announce and the gospel that Jesus came to fulfill is the message: "Your God reigns!" Not just in the general sense of reigning as sovereign over all the universe, but in the new specific sense of baring his holy arm and revealing his glory and defeating his enemies and saving his people and establishing peace and righteousness on the earth. "Your God reigns" is virtually the same as saying, "The kingdom of God is at hand." Jesus would have meant the same thing if he had said, "The time is fulfilled; your God reigns. Repent and believe this gospel—the good tidings of salvation and peace."