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Reaching the Unreached

19. April 2014 13:00
by don

The Government of God

19. April 2014 13:00 by don | 0 Comments

Everybody believes the solution to the problems of mankind and our nation is GOVERNMENT. Even though we do not say that yet why do we talk about it so much. OUT OF THE ABUNDANCE OF OUR HEARTS the mouth speaks. When we talk about SCHOOLS, CHURCHES & HOMES we discuss GOVERNMENT.

We want a new government so we can have a better world. We want a new religion, so we can have a better world. We want new politicians so we can fix our world.


ALL OF THIS PROVES WE BELIEVE THE ANSWER IS GOVERNMENT. Is all of this belief inherent? YES. God himself believes GOVERNMENT is the answer to man's problems. Genesis says "I will send a seed to woman and this seed will crush your head".  Head means authority or government,He is saying I will take my government back.


We can tell what is wrong with man by the medication that is prescribed If I say I need Tylenol, what is wrong?  If I say I need Imodium, what is wrong? We can tell the answer to the problem by what God offers as the solution. Isaiah 9 says unto you  a child shall be born, and he shall come with the Government on His shoulders, NOT A RELIGION. What is He coming with? GOVERNMENT. what government? The government. This means there are many kinds, but only one is His, only one. God says there are many others, but only one that I know about, and it is MY GOVERNMENT!

3. April 2014 12:56
by don

The power of the Kingdom of God

3. April 2014 12:56 by don | 0 Comments


The omnipotent power of God is not best demonstrated in violence, throwing thunderbolts and spreading devastation, but in self-sacrificing love and goodness.  It is love (not tyranny) that never faileth, and with God (love) all things are possible. God is almighty, omnipotent.  That is fundamental.  But it is vital that all God’s elect realize that His power is not something separate from His wisdom and His love. 

 Jesus has made it abundantly clear that the power of God is not that of force, violence, or compulsion, but the power of love which “never faileth.”  “I, if I be lifted up (on the cross) from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  Love is all-powerful and irresistible divine power is simply love in action.  The failure to distinguish between the omnipotence of force and violence and the omnipotence of love leads to the false ideas about God and His Kingdom that are so prevalent in the church systems today. 

 It is the infallible answer to those who impudently ask, “If God is omnipotent, why does He not stop war, sin, suffering, and all forms of evil?”  The omnipotence of love is something far grander and more noble than the omnipotence of force could ever be, though it is slower in operation. But the end of love’s omnipotence is sure and abiding. Love never faileth! God so loved the world, and when love’s power has been played out through the progression of the ages, love will win, will conquer all. Then all men will love God, not fear Him. What a plan! What incomprehensible wisdom!