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Reaching the Unreached

6. June 2014 07:38
by don

The Kingdom of God is always moving forward

6. June 2014 07:38 by don | 0 Comments


International Standard Version
"From the days of John the Baptist until the present, the kingdom from heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people have been attacking it, ..'.   The Kingdom of God is always advancing or moving forward.  God's Kingdom is never static or still.  It is like the leven in a loaf, it is taking over the loaf or constantly moving forward to take over.  It is like a mustard seed, it is always moving in growth to become a huge tree.  The Kingdom of God is like 'rivers of living water', waters that are always moving.   The Israelites  had to move with the fire and the cloud.   In the cloud Israel found provision, whether water from a rock or quail in the desert, they found protection.  Israel won the battles so long as they were in the cloud, they found direction by following or moving with the cloud.  When the cloud lifted they had to be willing to move with the cloud.  We also must be willing to move in the Kingdom and not  become static or unmovable.  The Kingdom of God is not just moving forward but in a radical way, a forceful way.  Jesus said before he left us,  'GO'.  That means move.  He did not say, 'stay'.  We must GO with the Kingdom.