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Reaching the Unreached

23. September 2014 16:13
by don

African Update

23. September 2014 16:13 by don | 0 Comments

Michelle and I will be headed back to Africa the end of October and return the middle of December.  WE will be taking the love of Jesus to several new areas.  Lord willing we will be in Loita (a location where many liabon (witchdoctors) live and establishing a church, also we will be going to Tanzania to show the Jesus film.  Then we will go to a very dry area near Ethiopia and perhaps begin the process to drill a water well.  This is perhaps the driest and poorest of all Maasai territory.  We will be building a church for one of our faithful pastors and also completing a school project.  Pray for our health and for the favor of God as we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.