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Reaching the Unreached

2. December 2014 12:15
by don

Our Father....

2. December 2014 12:15 by don | 0 Comments

The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray.   Jesus said, ' pray like this, 'Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy Kingdom come......'.   Wow,  did you catch that.  Our Father.....Thy Kingdom'.  Our Father is the King.  You are royalty.  You have the blood of the King of all Kings in your veins.  You have the DNA of the King.  Your 'daddy'  is the King.  When you make a request you are not just anyone in the Kingdom you are a son and a daughter.  That is why you can boldly approach your daddy's thrown.   You live with favor of the King because of who you are.  God help us all to have a revelation of our daddy God as King.