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Reaching the Unreached

25. November 2015 08:43
by don

Thank You for helping us reach the Maasai Tribe of East Africa

25. November 2015 08:43 by don | 0 Comments

This trip we have been working on getting our new truck equipped for the bush.  We have moved to another apartment for security purposes, built a new church for the Liabons (witch doctors) who have been saved and now have a pastor.  We have drilled a water well which we are still struggling with, won many to Jesus, taught a lot of discipleship, traveled a lot of miles off road, given aways bibles both written and on the memory cards for their cell phones, and a lot more.  Please pray about helping us a little financially during this Christmas season.  This trip was EXTREMELY costly.  

5. November 2015 08:52
by don


5. November 2015 08:52 by don | 0 Comments

As I work with the Maasai Tribe of East Africa, I have learned the power of a culture.  For the Maasai their culture dictates how they live and how they think.  They have been taught for generations how to think and live by the Maasai culture.  In the USA, we have been influenced greatly by our culture. How we think and live comes from our cultural upbringing.  Our language, thinking processes, dress, entertainment, financial planning, church and every area of our life is formed by our culture.  

This is the purpose Jesus wants us to seek His Kingdom culture first.  If we do not go after His ways of doing life, we will automatically default to our own culture.  Though I have a Maasai name, wear Maasai clothing, can speak some of the Maasai language, and am a part of their culture, I still am not a Maasai.  I can learn all about Maasai, even act like a Maasai, but that does not make me a Maasai.  

The only real way for me to become a Maasai is to be born another time.  Or to be born again, but the second time to be born a Maasai.  Then by default I would think, talk, act, dress and be a true Maasai.  

We also must receive a second birth to get the DNA of the Kingdom of God.  It is impossible for us to be Kingdom of God people, living out the Kingdom lifestyle without being born into that Kingdom.

It is then that the process of God renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) can take place.  We must seek first His Kingdom if we are to have our minds renewed to live and walk in the new way of life.  Being born again is just the start.  If you have never done this, please send me an email at, so i can send you some information to help you enter into the Kingdom that can never be shaken.