Don & Michelle Babin Ministries

Reaching the Unreached

Jesus personified the KIngdom

     We have centered the Kingdom around the King.  And that is truth that is off-center unless we understand what it is that makes Him King.  Jesus didn’t preach Himself as King He ran from it!  He preached the Kingdom, in His magnificent parables He defines the Kingdom, He tells us what the Kingdom is like; and in the Sermon on the Mount He enunciates the great principles or laws of the Kingdom.  In this world there are various kingdoms the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, and the mineral kingdom.  Each of these kingdoms is a sphere of existence, a plane of being.  Yet none of these kingdoms has a KING!  Each kingdom has certain inherent characteristics and specific manifestations.  Each is part of a “kind,” a “realm,” a “domain,” that is what makes them a kingdom.   THE LION IS THE KING OF THE ANIMAL WORLD.  JESUS IS THE KING OF THE PEOPLE WORLD.

  From His anointing at Jordan, Jesus entered a ministry for three and a half years that destroyed the powers of hell, and shook this world to its very foundations.  HE IS THE PATTERN.  Looking unto Him, we see our course set before us.  “Be of good cheer,” He said, “I have overcome the world.”  Never once was anyone turned away that came to Him.  There was no disease too strong or too advanced, there was no limb too crooked, there was no eye too blind, there was no storm too violent, there was no demon too powerful, there was no corpse too dead, there was no sinner too wicked, there was no situation too helpless or hopeless.  He was victorious over every devil, over the elements of nature as the winds and the waves obeyed His mighty Voice, over every evil force.  He had entered into that realm that the enemy had usurped from Adam, and had won it back, step by step as He walked for thirty years with His heavenly Father.  Glory to God!  THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.