Don & Michelle Babin Ministries

Reaching the Unreached

Our Vision

The Maasai tribe of East Africa has been exploited for hundreds of years.  The British who colonized East Africa made land deals with them much like the American Native Indian.  They have been lied to, cheated and push off their own land and into the dry lands of the Rift Valley.  They are continuing to be pushed off their lands even as I write this article.  This is a human rights issue.  Our vision includes the Maasai to value their land.  Their are 3 parts of our vision to see the Maasai Tribe transformed by the power of God.


  1. 1.  We are educating the Maasai about the value of their land.  They are the largest land owners of all 42 tribes of East Africa.  Because they are nomadic due to being cattle and goat herders, they have historically had no interest in farming.  We teach the Maasai to never sell their land unless to another Maasai.  If the Maasai start farming on their fertile land it will show them that their land has value.  Our ministry there in Africa is using part of it’s funds to aid them in starting a ‘shamba’ or garden.  We believe wherever the Kingdom of God is established, He also brings His economy.  It is our desire to help the Maasai develop a Kingdom economy though greenhouse farming and gardens.

      2.  Build church/schools.  Where we go many have never heard of Jesus yet are open to the Gospel.  The churches are very simple structures and             the schools meet in the churches we build. We need to make disciples out of every believer and teach the pastors so they have correct doctrine.           We have just recently started our first Bible school deep in the bush and pray to have many more.   We must also educate the children. The                 future of the Maasai tribe is in the education of the kids.  We are pressing on in this area very aggressively.  Most Maasai children never attend             school but instead guard the cattle and sheep.  

      3.  Drill for water in the arid places.  Without water there is no life.  If we could get water to them through wells they could grow vegetables  and             fruit to sell at local markets.   Water will also help them from getting so sick from drinking water where zebra, cows and other wildlife urinate.             Once we have water we can irrigation  and hygiene.  By providing dams and lakes the Maasai will be able to do agriculture and provide for                   themselves and economy.  By providing and economy they will be able to help other Maasai districts build more dams and lakes that will                     eventually provide the whole Maasai tribe with a solid economic base.  


We know this sounds like a huge vision and maybe even to some far fetched.  But we serve a big God and a God who makes impossibilities possible.  We believe with all of our hearts that God is going to use us to transform the entire Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. Though His vision is big for man it is small for God.   PLEASE believe along with us and pray about helping us see an entire people group changed by the power of God.